Our Work

Total Amount of Humanitarian Aid Sent to Ukraine: 200,000+ Lbs

Where we are today

Since the beginning of the year:

      • We organized a rally where 100s of people came together to support Ukraine.

      • We shipped 16 hospital beds to a hospital in Lviv and 4 hospital beds to a hospital in Sumy.

      • We shipped 12 40-ft containers of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, with several more containers waiting to be shipped.

      • We purchased & sent 900+ tactical medical first-aid kits (IFAKs) and sent them to Ukraine via air.

      • We purchased 2 portable x-ray machines, costing $53,000 each, to diagnose fractures when medical personnel pulls people out of demolished buildings.

      • We shipped 5 ambulances donated by AMR, Monroe Ambulance, and Finger Lakes Emergency Medical Services to Ukraine.

      • We contributed $20,000 to the Ukrainian National Women's League of America to purchase 24 Stryker's External Fixators (equipment used to fixate severe fractures on the battlefield).