About Us

On February 24th, 2022, the Russian Army invaded Ukraine.

Brave Ukrainians are now fighting for their freedom, democracy, and the fundamental values and principles they stand for as a sovereign nation. Millions of families are suffering terrible misery due to this war that has shocked much of the world. We are now working nonstop to deliver medical equipment and supplies, arrange humanitarian aid, and provide medical help to injured Ukrainians.

Our Mission: Help Ukraine

In 2014 after the Euro Maidan protests, war struck Ukraine. What started as a war against Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine turned into an all-out attack on February 24th, 2022. Three thousand civilians have been killed in the weeks since.

Many young men and women are risking their lives to protect Ukraine. Please help us provide medical aid and humanitarian relief to brave Ukrainians defending themselves! Stand with the people of Ukraine!

Who we are

We are a community organization initially formed to support Ukraine’s democratic voices at Kyiv’s EuroMaidan. Our group of diverse professionals represents organizations and individuals in the Rochester area. We provide information, resources, advocacy, connection and communication with federal, state, and local officials, information sharing with media and educational institutions, and the general public.

Quick Facts about RocMaidan

  • We are a 100% volunteer-based charitable organization out of Rochester, NY.

  • We established ourselves in 2014 after Russia annexed Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine.

  • We are a team of diverse professionals who volunteer their time to help Ukraine with humanitarian aid and provide information on ways to help war victims in Ukraine.

  • We have strong-built connections with other volunteer organizations across the USA and Ukraine to help Ukrainians in need.

  • We partner with InterVol and local hospitals to provide medical supplies to hospitals in Ukraine.

  • We use all of our collected funds to help Ukraine.

Our Partners