About Us

Welcome to Rocmaidan

A compassionate force established in 2014, initially as an affiliate of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester. Our roots lie in the unwavering support for Ukraine's democratic endeavors and in extending a helping hand by providing crucial medical supplies and humanitarian aid to those deeply affected by the tumultuous war in Ukraine.

As of 2022, Rocmaidan has taken its place as an independent entity, steadfast in its commitment to perpetuating its benevolent and humanitarian pursuits. Our journey has been defined by a resolute focus on channeling our fundraising endeavors toward alleviating the hardships inflicted by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Every contribution we gather finds purpose in acquiring essential medical provisions and humanitarian aid, which are then dispatched to hospitals and charitable organizations spanning the length and breadth of Ukraine. Our support doesn't stop at material aid; Rocmaidan extends a helping hand to wounded soldiers and veterans, assisting them in their journey toward physical and psychological recovery.

Our Mission: Help Ukraine

Since the emergence of the full-scale invasion in February 2022, Rocmaidan, still operating under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester, has orchestrated the shipment of an impressive 16 containers laden with vital humanitarian and medical supplies, along with the deployment of 5 ambulance vehicles to Ukraine. This substantial aid effort is further fortified by numerous donations, benefiting countless volunteers and organizations across Ukraine.

Who we are

The heart of Rocmaidan beats with a diverse group of volunteers representing many organizations within the Rochester community. Beyond the pivotal work of fundraising and sourcing humanitarian aid and medical supplies, our dedicated team plays a crucial role in fostering connections, advocating for change, and engaging in open communication with officials at federal, state, and local levels. We're also committed to disseminating vital information to media outlets, educational institutions, and the wider public.

Join us in our mission to make a tangible difference. Together, we strive to heal, rebuild, and empower those whose lives have been touched by adversity.

Our Partners