If you wish to help the victims of war in Ukraine, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  1. Donate to RocMaidan.

    • Your donation is tax-deductible. (Cash or check deposits to RocMaidan are accepted at Ukrainian Federal Credit Union branches.) We use the funds to purchase tactical medical supplies, first-responder protective gear, portable x-ray machines, and any other medical equipment as needed in Ukraine. We pay for shipping donated items (including ambulance vehicles, medical equipment, and humanitarian aid) to Ukraine.

  2. Please contribute to our collection of tactical medical supplies by purchasing from our Amazon registry.

  3. Please contribute to the current collection of medical & clothing supplies from the following lists.

  4. Volunteer with RocMaidan.

    • Please note that we have a waiting list to volunteer. We contact volunteers on this list on an as-needed basis.