Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate?

You can help by going to All donations are tax-deductible.

Can I offer humanitarian help?

Yes. We are collecting medical items of acute need. These items may be gifted to us through our Amazon Gift Registry at

My business/company would like to donate. Who do I contact?

Please email

I have military training and want to volunteer to fight in Ukraine; where do I start?

Please visit

How do I help by contacting political leaders?

White House:


    • Use the first pull-down tab to select to send your message to the President or Vice President.

    • Enter your personal information and a brief message (see below).

Senators for New York State:

Senators for other states:

House of Representatives:

What to include in your message:

  • Тhe existential threat to Ukraine becomes direr each day. We ask that the U.S. and its allies:

  1. Provide maximum possible military, humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine.

  2. Give Ukraine war aircraft and anti-air strike weapons.

  3. Implement programs to accept Ukrainian refugees.

  4. Implement an immediate oil embargo on Russia.

My company/group would like to organize a fundraising/rally/event supporting Ukraine and would like to have RocMaidan’s endorsement. How do I arrange it?

Please email

How can I stay updated with RocMaidan, e.g., events?

Follow our social media platforms:



I am interested in volunteering; how can I sign up?

To volunteer for RocMaidan:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your information and submit the form.

  3. We will notify you of volunteer opportunities.

To volunteer at InterVol:

  1. Go to

  2. Please note that with the overwhelming requests for volunteering, all organizations currently have a wait-list to sign up.